Paul Ambrosiussen

Technical Artist


Things I Treasure

Totally Epic Unreal Engine Award

During the Nordic GameJam 2016, my team was awarded the Totally Epic Unreal Award by Epic Games. The award was issued based on three categories: Fun, Visuals and Interpretation of Theme.

Source - Nordic Game Jam 2016 - Epic Games

Tobii Hardware Innovation Award

During the Nordic GameJam 2015, my team was awarded the Tobii Tech Hardware Innovation Award, for the best use of Eye tracking technology in combination with Hologram Technology from Realfiction.

Source - Nordic Game Jam 2015 - Tobii Tech

Outstanding Achievement Award

This Award has been issued to the ds.Xpress HoloGames Development team for the dsXplay games.

Source - July 2015 - Realfiction

GameLab Achievement Award - Best Art

The Gamelab Achievement Award - Best Art is handed out to the art department of my Gamelab team. This award was received for the KYODT game, built in 14 weeks at the NHTV - International Game Architecture and Design study.

Source - July 2015 - NHTV IGAD


What I'm Capable of

Creative Individual
Paul Ambrosiussen

Skillset - Technical Artist

Houdini + FX

Houdini is my overall favourite software, as it allows me to combine all my interests into one goal: create cool things. I build tools, dynamics, abstract art and simulations in this application.
Skill Level - Professional


I use maya to develop tools for others to increase their efficiency and remove any repetitive tasks. I also use it to build cloth dynamics and environmental assets like props.
Skill Level - Professional


Photoshop has been my helper since I started creating graphics. Producing edits, posters, mockups and storyboards are my main uses for this tool.
Skill Level - Professional

Unreal Engine

Unreal is currently my favourite engine for delivering quality work in graphics. I am skilled in creating materials and writing blueprints to produce dynamic content.
Skill Level - Professional


Unity is my preferred application to quickly prototype some gameplay and test tools made in Houdini. Its also my "playground" to experiment with programming in C#.
Skill Level - Professional

Office Applications

Office Applications like Excel, Word and PowerPoint are essential in my toolset, as I am very precise and structured in organizing both my own, and others their work.
Skill Level - Professional


I have used Python to develop tools inside Maya and Houdini. Python is currently my favourite langue, as it functions in most industry standard packages.
Skill Level - Professional

VEX - Houdini

VEX is a language used in Houdini for complex operations and writing shaders. My main applications for VEX are geometry generation and attribute editing for Tools.
Skill Level - Professional


C# is a language that I have been using for multiple projects inside Unity, both commercial and personal.
Skill Level - Professional


HTML and CSS are one of the first programming languages I learned. My interest in these first came when I decided to build my own website.
Skill Level - Professional

HScript - Houdini

HScript is a language developed for use only in Houdini. I switch between HScript and VEX depending on the efficiency and working time for a certain operation. My preference lies by VEX.
Skill Level - Intermediate


JavaScript is a language that I have been using for Webdevelopment and personal projects made in Unity, before I decided to proceed working with C#.
Skill Level - Intermediate

Dreamoc HD3

Dreamoc HD3

I first found the Dreamoc HD3 at the NGJ16 in Copenhagen; Where I developed my first title for the Holographic Display, called "Prism Warden".
Application & Hardware Understanding Level - Professional

Tobii EyeX

Tobii EyeX

I first found the EyeX at the NGJ15 in Copenhagen; Where I developed my first title for the Eye Tracker called "Prism Warden". I am currently still using it for the upcoming game The Automatician.
Application & Hardware Understanding Level - Professional

HTC Vive

HTC Vive

My first developed title for the HTC Vive was "GuantaGnomo", which won the "Totally Epic Unreal Engine Award" at the Nordic Game Jam 2016.
Application & Hardware Understanding Level - Intermediate

Leadership & Responsibility

I have a very strong feeling of responsibility when working on something, and getting it finished is my focus. This naturally brings a sense of leadership when there is none, or if I feel it can be improved upon.

Creativity & Problem Solving

Problem solving is something I enjoy deeply. Finding problems before they exist is a skill I cherish, as I can creatively prevent them from emerging into something that reduces efficiency or stops production.

Effective Time Management

Planning and Time Management is essential to my workflow, as it is one of the three basic pillars of production: Time, Budget and Scope.


Changing my workflow or getting out of my comfort zone is essential for being critical of my own work. This not only benefits myself, but others aswell.

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Not only being able to see opportunities, but also ceizing them is a skill that has allowed me to grow and produce big things. Starting a company (DreamPunks) has also played a role in this.


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