Tool Development

Useful and Indispensable.


HOUDINI | Destruction Cleanup Tool

The Destruction Cleanup HDA is part of the realtime-development tools made by Paul Ambrosiussen, targeted at optimizing a destruction simulation before exporting it to third party applications like Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya or 3DsMax.

The tool offers a multifold of parameters to tweak in order to achieve the desired cleaned up result.

Features currently include:
1. Input Mode
2. Output Mode (Animated Optimized Geometry, Static Optimized Geometry, Animated Optimized Transforms)
3. Simulation Cleanup Frame Range
4. Cleanup Method (Proximity Based, Proximity Constraint Based, Constraint Based)
5. Quick Optimization Visualisation
6. Freeze Threshold
7. Fuse & Remove Inside Faces
8. Bounds Clamping
9. Normal Cusping
10. Data Cleanup.



HOUDINI | Graph Cleanup Tool

The Graph Cleanup Shelf Tool is part of the realtime-development tools made by Paul Ambrosiussen. This shelf tool script cleans your SOP context graph from any redundant nodes not marked for keeping.

Features currently include:
1. Output Chain Tagging
2. Reference & Dependency Detection
3. Iterative Node-Tree Scanning
4. Obj/Sop Context Graph Cleaning.



PYTHON 3.5 | Genetic Algorithms

This shows some of my R&D into Genetic Algorithms, my intention is to develop multiple of these to build tools in the field of computational creativity. An example would be to generate textures based upon a source image that had been provided by a user. The first outcome of this R&D is the 1D darwinian natural selection to reach a string target.

Features currently include:
1. Darwinian Natural Selection
2. Heredity
3. Variation
4. Selection.



MAYA | Pauls Little Helpers

PaulsLittleHelpers is a toolbox written in Python, with its functionality tailored to Maya 2012 - Maya 2016. The toolbox keeps getting new tools & features added to it throughout time, and updates itself through an active internet connection when available.

Features currently include:
1. Automatic Tool Updates
2. Instant Developer Contact
3. Instant Wiki Access
4. UE4 Export
5. LOD Chain Generation
6. LOD Imposter Card Generation
7. Mesh & Shader Packing
8. Texture Packing.



MAYA | Scatter Tool

Scatter Mesh is a toolbox written in python, with its functionality tailored to Maya 2012 - Maya 2016. It has been built for artists that want to quickly scatter one or more objects on another object or surface. Select a few objects, and click "Add Selected"; This will let the tool know which objects should be used for the scattering process.

Features currently include:
1. Automatic Tool Updates
2. Instant Developer Contact
3. Scatter object ID detection
4. Scatter quantity
5. Scatter Seed
6. Surface Alignment
7. Transform Values (Translate, Rotate, Scale)
8. Unscattering.


Alembic Baker

MAYA | Alembic Simulations Baker

The alembic simulations baker is a tool written in python, to be used in Maya. The tool takes any transforms, and converts their animations into a skeletal animation. The tool has been developed to convert Houdini RBD simulations from an unusable format to something current game engines can use (Unreal Engine, Unity).

The user selects the root ot the imported transform, runs the tool, chooses a convenient naming convention.. And the tool will do the rest. It also automatically bakes all keyframes, so the only thing left to do is exporting.

Lighting - The Automatician

UE4 | L-Systems Blueprint

Research project into L-Systems and their application. The gained knowledge from this project will be applied on a flexible organic procedural spline system I built in UE4. When combined, this should result in a blueprint tool that is systematically correct, but organic looking in appearance.

1. Dragon Curve
2. Cantor Set
3. Fractal Plant
4. Koch Curve
5. Pythagoras Tree
6. Sierpinski Triangle
7. Algae.


Lighting - The Automatician

UE4 | Spline Systems Blueprint

These are several spline tools made in UE4. Some are meant for rapid prototyping, and some are production ready. The spline blueprints all have several parameters exposed for the user, in order to be as flexible as possible.

Spline Tools:
1. Landscape Cutout Tool
2. Scatter Spline Tool
3. Surface Crawler Spline Tool
4. Dynamic Catenary Spline Tool.


UV Shell Alignment

MAYA | UV Shell Alignment

The UV Shell Aligment script is a small snippet made at request from an artist working in Maya. The artist used to have this functionality in 3DsMax, but was not present in Maya.

The user has a shell which he/she would like to align to the grid, selects two UV points used as a reference point, run the tool and its pixel perfect aligned.


Circular Topology Fix

MAYA | Circular Topology Fix

The Circular Topology Fix script is a small snippet made at request from an artist working in Maya. The artist requested a tool that would create clean circular topology from a messy polygon resulted from a boolean or custom cut.

The script finds all vertices associated with the selected polygon, and sorts them based on their polar coordinates. The script then figures out what the best radius for the new poligon should be, and re-positions the vertices to their new position.