Project Management

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Lighting - The Automatician

Entrepreneur | Co-Founder DreamPunks

DreamPunks is a Dutch independent game studio founded by Jack Beeby, Paul Ambrosiussen, Angelo Nouwens and Reinout Ruland. DreamPunks aim is to establish itself as the go-to developer for Detailed 3D titles that are built specifically as “Killer Apps” for upcoming or underutilized hardware.

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Lighting - The Automatician

Lead | Art Lead The Automatician

As Art Lead of The Automatician, I was lead for 14 artists. While holding the aesthetic vision of the project, responsibilities included but were not limited to: Task division, Planning & Management, Quality Control and Rapid Prototyping.

Lighting - The Automatician

Lead | Team Lead Einar

As team lead on project Einar, I am the main vision holder of the project. I make sure everyone in the team knows what direction we should be going to deliver the desired product. This goal is achieved by regular meetings, assessments, team-building and high standard in organisational efforts.

Lighting - The Automatician

Lead | Art Lead Einar

As Art Lead of Einar, I am lead for 12 artists. Assisting the Art Director in achieving his visualisation for the project is one of my main tasks. I validate plans between the Art, Design and Programming departments, to assure everything goes as efficient as possible. Setting project standards such as technical limitations, naming conventions and project structure are also key to my job.